If you’ve ever wanted to learn to sew, or if you’ve been sewing for years?!….
THIS is the project that will get you going!
It only takes a couple of straight lines and one yard of fabric.


And it’s probably one of my favorite quick-sew projects.
I’m going to show you two ways to make a pillowcase.

These make the best gifts for friends, cousins, nieces + nephews (remember the Halloween ones I made here?  And the Christmas ones here?….And the Conkerr Cancer pillowcases here?)   Now you’ve got one easy video that ties them all together.

So, mix it up for the holidays!
Say YES to that fabric you really want to buy!  It’s only a yard.

Just hit play below and enjoy:

MADE EVERYDAY with Dana is a fresh new sewing show, where we create everyday items you will love and use.
To watch other episodes:
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Lucy’s Birthday Fiesta!

by Dana on April 30, 2015


I think that a fiesta-themed fiesta might be my favorite.
The decor, the food, the desire to sew 10 colorful skirts?….it’s too easy not to love!

In fact, do you remember when I sewed these skirts??
They were for Lucy’s birthday party two years ago.  TWO!  How does time pass that quickly?
The funny thing is, she’s still wearing that skirt to school (though it is getting a little short).
And when I showed you these skirts two years ago, I promised to show you the rest of the celebration.  So let’s get this party started!

My parties are pretty simple—We usually have the party after school one day, with a few games, and a few simple decorations, a craft and a treat, and then we let the kids do what they do most—just play.  We’ve had numerous parties that are little more than kids jumping on the trampoline and they’ve loved it.

As the kids get older, we’ll do more detailed get-togethers.  And in fact, this year we threw a Space Party for Lucy, where each person made their own planet and it was out-of-this-world fun! Heh heh.

But back to the fiesta.
I used a few MADE tutorials for the party:
Ruffled Streamers
Easter Egg Maracas
Fiesta Skirts

And we threw it together with some store-bought items.

And then by keeping the party simple, I felt like I could splurge on making one homemade item for the kids—without feeling overwhelmed.

I knew I wanted to make each girl a bright colorful skirt, with lots of gathers and fabric.
I may have had as much fun putting these color combos together as they did wearing them.

You can read all the step-by-step instructions in the Fiesta Skirt tutorial.

And what made the skirts extra fun was how we gave them to the girls….we stuffed them in the pinata!  Because who doesn’t love a good pinata swing with a bat?

I wrapped each skirt in a roll so they’d fit inside the small opening of the pinata.  Then I threw in some loose confetti, and that was it!

The kids were confused for a moment when zero candy flew out, but that was all part of the fun.  And Owen was part of the fun too….poor guy, always surrounded by girls.

What I hadn’t considered was that the skirts sort of padded the pinata inside, filling up the entire inside, which made it harder to break the outer shell.  But finally they broke through and the confetti went flying!  It was really cute!

As cute as these girls in their new fiesta skirts.

And as fun as an empty pinata, apparently.

We finished off the party with crazy-colored cupcakes, with a candle on top for each kid.
That’s my new favorite thing–let everyone enjoy the birthday wishes and blowing out candles.

And that was a party wrap!
I may have left the decor up long after the guests were gone, because it just made me happy.

Let’s have a fiesta any time of the year….


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It’s MADE Everyday time friends!
And today we’re making one of my favorite projects.
And….I invited one of my favorite sewing friends to join me!
It’s Miranda from One Little Minute…..


Together we’ll show you TWO ways to sew a pair of leggings.

I’ll sew on a standard Baby Lock sewing machine….and Miranda will sew on a Baby Lock serger (and make a really cool faux cuff and yoga waistband).  Cause did you that April is National Serger Month?  Now you can see my new serger in action!

And you might see this in action too.

Okay, just hit the play button below and enjoy!

MADE EVERYDAY with Dana is a fresh new sewing show, where we create everyday items you will love and use.
To watch other episodes:
• Click the VIDEO tab at the top or….
• Subscribe to my Youtube channel so you’re updated as soon as the episode goes live.


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say Yes to photographing a book…

by Dana on April 15, 2015

Hello friends!
I know it seems a little quiet here.
But if you could hear us in real life, it’s that same circus music on repeat.
It’s been a busy month!….and I’ve got lots to show you….but I can’t show you all of it yet.
How’s that for intriguingly annoying?
I’ll give you a few snippets of the set-up…

This past month I’ve been photographing a book!
A craft/sewing/fun project book!

You know, sometimes it’s hard to know which projects to say yes to and which to pass on.  But photographing a book seemed like a no-brainer, right?? Stylizing and photographing 40 projects, in whichever settings I choose?
Oh, and it has to be done in four weeks?

Gulp.  That’s a small time-frame.
But so far it’s been going great!  I’ve shot almost 30 of the 40 projects.

And when this box showed up on my doorstep, it was just like Christmas morning!   I carefully unwrapped each project and ooo-d and ahhhh-d, scheming about photo styling for each one.

The box was sent to me by the publisher, and is a collection of projects created by other crafters, bloggers, moms, people like you guys!  I have a few projects in there too.  And the book is about—-well, I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to disclose—but let’s just say it’s a fun craft book with some sewing, no-sewing, decorating projects, and even some holiday ideas.

Oh, and there might be some donuts.

And a pretend garden party in my backyard….(just waiting for the sun to set, and for the project to be thrown in)

You know you have a good husband when at the end of the work day, on a sweaty, buggy evening when he walks in the front door and you say, “hey, can you help me carry the table out into the back field so I can set up a faux wedding dinner?”…..well, he gives you that funny look and then asks where exactly it needs to go.

And as you’re walking down the deck stairs, MacGyvering the table around a curve (moments away from your arm muscles failing and mosquitoes eating your ankles) he asks “is this totally necessary?”
“Well, none of this is necessary….but it would be really cool.”
“Then it’s worth it.”

Thank you Casey.

Honestly, I never knew that photographing a book would be so fun.
Photography is really my favorite part of what I do with blogging and sharing.  And it’s exciting to take other people’s projects and make them come to life through stylizing and light.

Of course it’s tons of work too….with tons of different angles and set ups, trying all sorts of different things until you get just the right look.  And I’m sorry I’m not showing you the real photos here because they look so much better than these set-up pics and the process that happens to get the photos just right.
It really is an evolution of sorts.
And sometimes you take an hours-worth of photos and realize you’ve been in the wrong file setting on your camera.  Grrr.  And so you start over…..kind of like picking the seam out of that dress you worked on till 2am?
Yea. That.

And sometimes you have to wait days for the sun to come out so that at 2pm when Clara is home from preschool you can throw a garland in the frame, throw a Clara on the chair, and hope that she feels like blowing kisses to a 4 foot tall flamingo.

And then there are times when you don’t need a model, but your favorite Sleeping Beauty 3-year old jumps into frame, and refuses to leave.

Me again?
Did you miss me?

And while we’re at it, lets wrangle Lucy into the shot too.

Oh Lucy.
She’s been wrangled into so many photos and setups over the years.  And thankfully (most of the time) she still enjoys doing it, and gives it her own little kick.

So, that’s what I (and we) have been up to.
I promise I’ll be back soon!
In fact, I might have a new video ready for you very soon.
In the meantime…good morning, good afternoon, and happy Spring!

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