I made it through on the other side!
The other side of video week that is.
We worked some long hours and shot 17 videos for Season 2 of MADE Everyday!….lots ‘o stuff to share with you over the next 6 months.

But today I get to share the final video from Season 1.
These are the perfect projects for all those fabric scraps you’ve been saving….you know, all those cute you little pieces you can’t part with??
Let’s throw a party with them!

First we’ll make a simple Fringe Garland, cause you can never have too many garlands.
Then we’ll use the scraps of our scraps to make cupcake toppers.
They’re great for a party or to give as gifts to friends!

Just hit the PLAY button below, and enjoy!

MADE EVERYDAY with Dana is a fresh new sewing show, where we create fun things using everyday items.

To watch other episodes:
• Click the VIDEO tab at the top or….
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what I’ve been sewing for 3 weeks

by Dana on October 10, 2014

It may seem a little quiet here on the old blog.
But rest assured that behind the scenes, I’ve sewn enough projects in the last few weeks to make my head explode!
(And let’s hope that doesn’t happen)
((or my videos will look pretty horrible)).

But video time….here we come!
Next week we’re shooting 15 new projects for MADE Everyday.   It’s gonna be fun.  It’s gonna be exhausting.  My head is not going to explode—I have to keep telling myself that.

So let me give you a sneak peek at what I’ve been doing!
We’ve got a lot of dots…..

And KID shorts with yellow spots.

I’ve been sewing gingham and knits,

gathering fabric…..

…..and gathering stacks.
Can you handle the tiger/kitty print??  Clara’s gonna freak over it.

I raided the napkin and towel section at the store for elephants.

and I’ve bought more dot fabric than you can shake a yard stick at.
Oh yea, I bought a yard stick.
I think everyone should have one.

I found 2-inch wide metallic gold elastic, and used it to make something for me!  Yay!

My pile of felt seems to grow, then deplete, and then grow again.

And hey!  I bought new zippers!

I mean, I bought ZIPPERS.  A lot of them.
Don’t these colors make you happy??

And now I’m just tying up loose ends.

So that on Monday, we’re ready to go! (more on the shorts fabric here)

And just when I think the kids have no idea what their crazy mom is doing, Owen gives me this gem last night:
“When we grow up, and you’re old….if you forget how to sew, you can just go watch your videos on Youtube!”

Haha. Fantastic idea!  I guess he’s got it right—at some point my head IS supposed to explode…
Good thing I’ve got those videos documented.

Have a happy weekend friends!


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40 techniques every sewer should know

by Dana on October 8, 2014

Remember last month when I wanted to become a master of zippers?
Well let’s keep mastering!
…and talk about 40 techniques every sewer should know.

Because you know that old expression about how you don’t know what you don’t know, till you know?…ya know?  Well that’s totally how I felt when I took this class!

It’s called 40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know, taught by Gail Yellen, from the Craftsy site.  And it was filled with ah-ha moments, sewing realizations, and confirmations that I’ve been doing some of the tricky stuff “correctly” all along.  Yay!

Really, this class is super helpful for any sewer.
Gail is a fantastic teacher, and her goal is to take sewer skills from “pretty good” up to “professional”.  So no matter what your skill-level, there’s something new to learn.

• In the interfacing section I love her tip for sewing knit t-shirts: use a strip of fusible interfacing in the shoulder seam to prevent it from over-stretching with time.
• In the stitching section, Gail talks about specialty threads and goes over shirring and elastic thread.
• In Curves + Corners she talks about clipping corners and mentions “don’t be afraid to clip right up to the stitches” (carefully, of course). This is a great tip when sewing the back slit of the First Day Dress!

One of my favorite parts is when Gail talks about the importance of cutting bias tape ON the bias, rather than cut on the straight grain.  Great visual with these two circles!

And….there’s even an entire section on pressing….PRESSING!  I had no idea the details I was missing out on!

I fully agree with her statement that “an iron is equally as important as a sewing machine” Yes! Yes!  Pressing is key to making your work look less homemade and more like a pro.

Okay, more of what you’ll get from 40 Techniques Every Sewer Should know:

• 8 lessons, each taught in HD video format.
• Ability to ask questions and interact with other students online
• Access to the class forever!
• Learn to sew a perfect sleeve
• Work with interfacing
• Create beautiful bindings
• Learn tips for tricky sewing techniques
….and a whole lot more.

If you’ve never taken a Craftsy course, they’re real easy to access and navigate through.
Some classes are free; some are paid.
And today we’re giving away 40 Techniques Every Sewer Should know for free!

It’s easy to enter,
All you need to do is visit Craftsy through this link and join the site!
(the link is unique to my site, so they’ll know you joined through MADE)

If you’re already a Craftsy member, visit the link, click the “sign in” button, and sign in with your Craftsy account. If you’re already logged in to Craftsy, be sure to log out before clicking the link or you won’t see the special sign up/log in screen.
Craftsy will pick one winner from all the entries.

Click here to enter to win!
Note: Leaving a comment here on this post does not enter you in the class giveaway.  Of course I love your comments though, so please feel free to leave one!

This post is sponsored by Craftsy


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Felt Book Winners

by Dana on October 7, 2014

Thank you for entering the 3 Felt Book Giveaway last week!  It was so much fun to read through your comments and see which holidays you love crafting for.
It’s definitely unanimous….we all love FELT.
So let’s get on with it….

The winner of the Felt-o-ween book is:
#296 – Tabitha, who said: So cute! My kids would love these.

The winner of Heart-Felt Holidays is:
#143 – Natalie, who said: I love felt! These books look like so and see much fun!!

The winner of Fa La La La Felt is:
#422 – Verlan, who said: Fa la la la Felt would be my first pick, but they all look adorable.
Winners will be notified via email.

And if you didn’t win, the good news is—each of these book are under $10! 
Go snatch one up today.
Happy Felting!

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