Did you get a sewing machine for Christmas?
And you’re ready to sew?…(while dreaming of warmer weather?)
Me too.
So let’s go to our happy yellow place and sew.

This is the first sewing video in our new season of MADE Everyday with Dana!
I’m excited to show you our new backgrounds, and close-up camera angles.
You’re gonna love the music too.

AND….you get to see my new Baby Lock sewing machine in action.
Remember that thread cutter function I was told you about?
Ooo la-la.

First we’ll make a basic bag.
Then we’ll box it out and throw on vinyl straps.
Vinyl straps!….my new favorite addition to this project.

There’s even a hidden surprise inside my bag to help it stand up well.
But you’ll have to wait till the end to see it…

So just hit the play button below and enjoy!

MADE EVERYDAY with Dana is a fresh new sewing show, where we create fun things using everyday items.
To watch other episodes:
• Click the VIDEO tab at the top or….
• Subscribe to my Youtube channel so you’re updated as soon as the episode goes live.


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Don’t forget to buy your patterns ON SALE

by Dana on December 24, 2014

Thank you for buying so many patterns with our Winter Sale!
I’m so happy you guys want to sew!….and twirl….and wear shorts all summer.

If still want to buy a pattern for yourself, a friend, your daughter….
ALL patterns are on sale for only SIX DOLLARS till tomorrow night (Christmas night).
Merry Christmas Eve friends!

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are you still wrapping gifts?…

by Dana on December 23, 2014

Don’t forget to watch my short video on How to Tie the Perfect Bow.
Cause whether you’re tying a bow with ribbon, yarn, or fabric….it works every. single. time.

Just hit the play button below!


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let’s bake 30 recipes today….

by Dana on December 20, 2014

You’ve got the energy right?
Me too!
I  think.

Growing up my mom started making holiday treats weeks before Christmas and would store them in shoeboxes in the freezer.
I guess I’m a few weeks behind.
And I don’t have any shoeboxes.
But I have some fantastic, easy, tried-and-true recipes for you and me!

So if you’re baking this weekend too, let’s do this thing….

Remember two years ago when I did a  Sweets and Treats Christmas countdown?

Together with some blogging friends, we shared a tasty recipe each day in December.
And there are still a few recipes I’ve been dying to try…like Maple Walnut Chocolates by Smashed Peas and Carrots….and home-baked sweet granola by Delia Creates….
Gimme, gimme. I need! I need!

And you probably need my amped-up Chocolate Dipped Gingerbread Softies.
And some Chocolate Tangerine Bars.  Mmmm.
Both are all-time faves!

So here you go….30 recipes to get you baking this week!
Seriously.  Just check out Vanessa’s SIMPLE 3 minute-3 ingredient fudge (and the spin I did on it).  Okay….
Just click a button below to go straight to the recipe:


And thank you for entering the Baby Doll Basket Pattern giveaway.
Here are the four winners (winners will be emailed with the pdf pattern):

#208 – Liesbet Rombaut, who said:  Oh, I would like to win one! 
#268 – Andrea, who said: How cute!
#204 – Jacqui Kennedy, who said: My little girl is just getting into dolls, I know she’d love a doll basket! I love the lining of your “ice princess” basket, such a great colour. 
#61 – Linda, who said: What a fantastic giveaway!  I would love to make some for our local toy drive.  Thank you Dana! Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family!

**Don’t forget that all MADE patterns are on sale for only 6 DOLLARS!…from now until Christmas night.

Have a great weekend!

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