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my Wedding–part 2: The Dress

by Dana on September 16, 2011

Yesterday I shared My Wedding, part 1: the colors, decor, and style.Today let’s talk about the dress!When it came to choosing a style, I was all over the map. Part of me wanted something sleek and classy, like Carloyn Bessette’s timeless dress. Another part wanted poofy huge or Vera Wang dark. How cool are the […]


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my Wedding–part 1

by Dana on September 15, 2011

In October, Casey and I will be married 7 years.Last year I showed a few photos of our day but realized…..I don’t have the best pictures to share.It’s such a shame.We had a nice photographer but none of the files are digital, there aren’t many “lifestyle” photos or fun close-ups to capture the details of […]


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Sewing for Me – jersey beach dress

by Dana on July 12, 2011

Before leaving on our summer trip I wanted a new beach coverup for myself. I kept going back and forth between using another towel (similar to the Beach Towel Dress) or going with cotton fabric. But then I remembered some hot-pink jersey knit fabric sitting in my closet (from my last visit to FIDM). It’s […]


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Winter Skirt

by Dana on January 3, 2011

Hello friends and Happy New Year!All week Lucy has been asking me questions about what a “new year” means, and if she’ll have a birthday next year like she does this year, and what is January? and is it close to December? (code for: when is Christmas coming again?!). I love their curious minds, absorbing […]

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