the week from hell

by Dana on January 26, 2015

Last week was one for the books. But we made it out alive on the other end. First Lucy and Clara came down with the flu and had 103 fevers for days in a row. At one point Lucy started hallucinating. (which, if your child has ever done that, it’s the freakiest thing). She gave […]


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houndstooth corduroy for Corduroy

by Dana on January 15, 2015

Having kids at the same school means you get to watch (and help) them with the same projects over the years.  So I was just as thrilled as Owen was when Corduroy the bear got to come home with him for the weekend. And I really couldn’t believe that it had been TWO years since […]


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Happy 2015 friends! 2015.  I like the sound of that—-I like numbers in increments of 5. It just feels right. And I hope all your holidays felt right…and were all merry and bright! I couldn’t close out the year without saying a very merry Christmas and sharing our annual card. I love getting Christmas cards! […]


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Did you get a sewing machine for Christmas? And you’re ready to sew?…(while dreaming of warmer weather?) Me too. So let’s go to our happy yellow place and sew. This is the first sewing video in our new season of MADE Everyday with Dana! I’m excited to show you our new backgrounds, and close-up camera […]

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