RECIPE: Easy Teriyaki Chicken

by Dana on September 22, 2014

It’s Monday! A new week. A new start. A new pledge to be better at fixing dinner for the family (at least that’s what I keep telling myself) So if you’re trying to feel motivated too, then I’ve got your dinner menu ready! And it starts with the easiest chicken, ever….which will make your house […]


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8 years of Halloween Costumes

by Dana on September 19, 2014

Am I allowed to say the word Halloween before October 1st? Eek. Hope so!….because that’s all that Lucy keeps talking about at our house. Mom have you started the costumes??? She and her girlfriends want to dress like Lalaloopsies, which I think is adorable…..and guess which pattern might be fantastic for that?….The First Day Dress! […]


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speaking of IKEA….

by Dana on September 16, 2014

Remember when I made that Big Bag from a couch cushion cover from the IKEA As-Is section? It was a….cinch! Heh heh. And just reminds of the many reasons I love IKEA: Smart, affordable, simple….and creatively inspiring. Funny thing looking at those old photos….I’m wearing the same shirt I eventually turned into my semi-homemade Maternity […]


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Moving from a smaller space to a larger one is great because there’s extra room to wrestle on the floor with dad (and leave LEGOs strewn about, for days). (just watch your step) Of course the funny thing with any house is that the furniture that once fit perfectly, in that perfect room, might not […]

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