Think of all the things you can do in 20 minutes….You can drive your kids to school, fold laundry, watch an episode of Last Man on Earth (are you watching that?  SO funny), OR….. You could sew a really awesome pencil skirt! And all your friends will think it came from their favorite store, because […]


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Building a new home: The STUDIO, Before

by Dana on March 26, 2015

I say this every time… but it’s been forever since I did a home update! So let me show you one of my favorite spaces in the house—the Studio.(If you’ve missed my other posts, our family spent the last two years building a custom home in the Austin, TX area. Check out my previous post […]


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RECIPE: Classic Chicken Noodle Soup

by Dana on March 17, 2015

You know those cold months when you’re just aching for some yummy homemade soup…. THIS.  This is the answer my friends! It’s quite possibly the easiest homemade soup to make.  And it tastes way better than anything from a can. In fact, I should be making this twice a month. You should too. So let’s […]


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How to sew a Lined Zipper Pouch

by Dana on March 10, 2015

Remember when I showed you how to sew a zipper, two ways? Well now you get to put those skills to use! We’re gonna sew zipper pouches! Lots of them. And give them to every person we know.  Because they’re just the cutest, fastest, most usefulest project. So grab your favorite zipper color (I bought […]

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