KID Shorts….with KNIT fabrics!

by Dana on August 20, 2014

Sometimes I can’t believe how old this girl is getting. Didn’t I just cut her hair?…and talk about her turning 1 year old? Of course then she picks up a blankie and paci, and she’s my baby all over again. Old little Clara.  Stop growing up. (But please start talking. That would be helpful) But […]


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Summers in Orange County, CA as a kid always meant a visit to the OC Fair.  The fair!….this magical playground of lights and food that rolled into town for a few weeks, then rolled off to another town to enchant new kids (and empty new wallets) I always loved the fair, and the rides and […]


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Hello friends! I’m alive!….and back from many travel adventures.   I can’t wait to share photos from our Norway/Sweden/Denmark trip!  What a gorgeous part of the world. In the meantime…..I’m looking for input on my blog and the new sewing show— MADE Everyday, with Dana. You guys are always good with the feedback. And it’s good […]


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Scalloped + Lined KID SHORTS

by Dana on July 29, 2014

What’s more fun than a pair of KID Shorts? How about shorts with a dainty scalloped hem? That are fully lined?? YES. I’m so happy to finally get this project out of my head and down on paper!….or fabric…and to see it bounce around on Lucy.  They’re just so girly and sweet. And today I’m […]

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