Living in Texas: Fort Worth Stockyards

by Dana on August 29, 2014

This weekend marks exactly 5 years since we moved to Texas! Wow.  I honestly can’t believe it’s been that long.  Or that Owen was younger than Clara when we arrived here (read more about our decision to move from California to Texas here). Over the years we have really grown to love Texas. I mean, […]


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Before and After: Front Porch furniture

by Dana on August 28, 2014

Back when we were just thinking about building a home, I knew there needed to be a front porch.  I mean, there’s always a front porch. …but how bout the kind where you can actually have furniture? And sit outside with a cold beverage, watching the kids ride bikes and scooters down the street? Or….maybe […]


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MADE Everyday VIDEO: Placemat Bibs!

by Dana on August 26, 2014

Remember those quick little placemat bibs I made for Clara? Back when she a wee little one? Well she’s still wee. And she’s still messy. So I still have bibs lying around. And so, I turned the project into a MADE Everyday episode! Hooray for VIDEO!….which means you get to see this little girl in […]


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KID Shorts….with KNIT fabrics!

by Dana on August 20, 2014

Sometimes I can’t believe how old this girl is getting. Didn’t I just cut her hair?…and talk about her turning 1 year old? Of course then she picks up a blankie and paci, and she’s my baby all over again. Old little Clara.  Stop growing up. (But please start talking. That would be helpful) But […]

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