Lunar Eclipse from our Texas deck

by Dana on September 28, 2015

Holy cow! The Harvest Moon + Super Moon + Lunar Eclipse combo last night was outstanding! And we caught it just at the right moment, on a bit of a whim. Like the first time we saw the Austin bats….just hanging out on a deck and looked up to see a stream of black, painting […]


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red + aqua Texas Dress

by Dana on September 16, 2015

I never understood the whole Texas Pride thing until we moved here. I’d always heard about it. I’d always wondered about it. Everyone told me everything’s bigger in Texas—(which might be true, especially the square mileage of dusty brown land). But once you come live here—or even just visit—you get it! It’s not an ego […]


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I knew it was something that had never entered her innocent 9-year-old mind.  And I hesitated to tell her.  I knew she wouldn’t understand. I don’t even understand. But it was a cloud hanging in our air last week. She overheard Casey and I talking about a funeral on Saturday and asked what had happened. […]


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Every year my sisters + cousins get together for a girl’s weekend trip. No kids.  Just ladies.  And a whole lot of jibber jabber.  And food.  And cute decor. The trip is sort of an annual thing, though it’s only happened twice so far.   But we’re keeping the dream alive!  And as many of you […]

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