I guess I’m crafty

by Dana on January 25, 2010

Well, it’s been a long 3 months of crafting-on-demand and I’m pleased to announce that So You Think You’re Crafty has come to an end! And I guess you guys think I’m crafty because….I won! Thank you, thank you for voting. You guys made it happen! It’s been a crafty ride and at times I’ve […]


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The most popular thing in our town on Jan 1st is the Rose Parade. And in those early-morning hours, only your best Parade Jacket will keep you warm and happy while colorful floats roll by.I’ve been wanting to make Lucy a new jacket for a while based on her old Costco jacket worn last year […]


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SYTYC Week 7: Gifts and Candy Bags

by Dana on January 4, 2010

Growing up in a large family, specialty foods were rare. So for Christmas each year one our gifts was a food item…..and we didn’t have to share it with anyone. Dreamy. So when the theme for SYTYC was GIFTS, I knew I had to carry the tradition on with my own family. I made, Candy […]


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SYTYC Week 6: Mittens and Chandeliers

by Dana on December 21, 2009

Ever feel nostaligic for another decade? Or wonder if you were born in the wrong year? I often think I should have lived in the ’20s; with fringe-y dresses, feathers and sequins in my hair, dancing all night to ragtime jazz. Of course that means I’d have to experience the ’30s too. Hmmm.I guess I’ll […]

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