Lucy starts kindergarten in one week. I sort of can’t believe it. I’ve been ready for this day for a long time but I’m quickly realizing that she’ll be gone every single day. No more “let’s go to the museum today” or just goofing around. Owen and I will have to become play buddies. When […]


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H&M grab-bag

by Dana on July 23, 2011

I finally got around to emptying the suitcases today. Doesn’t it seem that you either put things away the first hour you get home…or it sits there for a week? Let’s just say our house has been a disaster for 4 days. But today I tidy-ed up. And discovered my grab-bag of H&M treasures sitting […]


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small, bigger, big

by Dana on June 27, 2011

With all that seersucker this weekend I sewed up more Kid shorts.I’m taking beach pictures of the grandkids this summer and the colors are white for the girls, polo shirts and seersucker for the boys.Owen will either wear some thrift store-bought seersucker shorts or these pants from BOY month (though they’re almost too short now)And […]


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by Dana on June 24, 2011

I was at Joanns yesterday and guess what…all the seersucker is on sale!Only $3/yard.Sale ends Saturday 6/25 (tomorrow).Look under the “Shirting” aisle.Next to linen, cotton seersucker is one of my all-time favorites. It’s playful, summery, lightweight and just fun. Typically we think of seersucker as a striped fabric (which is the most common type), but […]

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