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Simple Handmade Gifts – Placemat Aprons

by Dana on December 14, 2010

A few months ago I bought some vintage placemats because they were just, cute. As I carried them up to the register I folded them in half, making it easy to pile my goods onto the counter. I looked at that semi circle half, then looked over at Lucy and realized that they would make […]


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Simple Handmade Gifts – roundup #1

by Dana on December 10, 2010

NOTE: Many of you asked for the Ginger Spice Softies recipe and I’ve just added it to the post! Check it out here. And now back to….Today I went through my tutorials and pulled the easiest ideas together (with Tutorial Links at the bottom of the page). For more inspiring takes, check out the You […]


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Creating a gift for an entire family is a tricky one. It’s hard to please everyone and so we usually end up pleasing the mom. But all ages seem to love ornaments and decorating the tree. So for this family gift, there’s an ornament for each person with their initial on the front, a family […]


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With Christmas approaching, I’m sure some of you have procrastinated the gift-making (like me). So how about a few simple handmade gift ideas (that won’t have you sewing till 2am every night)? Over the next two weeks, I’ll share a few ideas from my sewing room. Because really, what is better than a handmade gift? […]

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