Sew-Along: Swimsuits

Little Yellow Swimsuit

by Dana on August 9, 2010

That she wore for the first time today…. So two months ago, Katy from No Big Dill made these darling bloomer pants out of dainty ruffled chiffon and everyone asked her where she got the fabric. It was a fabric she’d found in Japan, so she picked my brain to see if I’d seen it […]


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Otter Pop Dots

by Dana on August 4, 2009

Dear Deborah,Not sure why it took me a whole week to sew on simple straps?!….but as I’ve admitted before, I’m easily distracted. So, here it is! Introducing, Swimsuit #1: Otter Pop DotsI used normal elastic (though Whitney left some good tips about elastic in the comments section of the past swimwear post). I made casings […]


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Swimwear Sew-along, PART II: Cutting

by Dana on July 28, 2009

Dear Deborah,Thanks for taking the plunge and actually CUTTING into your fabric. Why do we all fear the swimsuit creation? I think it’s because we think we should (Me included). But let’s tackle it! I started yesterday and wow, maybe it’s not as bad as we envisioned. Of course, as you stated so perfectly:Do you […]


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Coast-to-Coast: A Swimwear Sew-along

by Dana on July 20, 2009

Dear Deborah,When I decided a couple months ago to (attempt to) make Goose a swimsuit, I ran it by your expert craft brain. Was I crazy? Could you recommend a good lyrca fabric store? etc.Of course, your response made me laugh (as all your blogging/emails do) “well, if my mom could do it back in […]

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