Scrappy Monsters

Birthday Monster

by Dana on February 14, 2009

My sister Meredith celebrated her 19th birthday this week. Now this doesn’t look like a gift for a college student. But I’m trying to stick with my handmade-gift giving and wanted something that Goose could make for her Aunt Mere. So we made a birthday monster (another scrapper added to the family). Every dorm needs […]


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Separated at birth – Scrappy Sisters

by Dana on August 28, 2008

More baby gifts. This time, for baby girls.Announcing the Scrappy Sisters:Females can be monsters too, right? I know I am at times. And who can resist ladies who aren’t afraid to show off their backside?Sorry to admit Blondie, but I think Miss Green is your better-looking half. Good thing you’re headed to different homes. Fewer […]


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Scrappy Monster #2 – Block Head

by Dana on July 18, 2008

Another baby shower to go to. Another scrappy monster joins the party.Sewing a square was much easier this time (than a circle) with all the rice inside.


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Scrappy Monster

by Dana on July 17, 2008

Left-over fabric from a carseat cover became a Scrappy Monster:The hands, feet, and eyes are pieces of felt. The arms and legs are bias tape. And the monster’s body is filled with rice. I was super paranoid about any of the rice coming out (and into baby’s mouth) so I top-stitched around his body a […]

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