Runway Rundown

Runway snippets

by Dana on September 18, 2011

I haven’t done a Runway Rundown in a while.To be honest, there’s just been waaay too much drama on the show to get me motivated. Seems that every week is a team challenge, which only fuels prima donna fires. But this past week the designers were on their own and I absolutely loved two of […]


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Runway Rundown–wow. what an episode.

by Dana on August 31, 2011

Now that’s what I call good TV. This week’s Project Runway had drama, drama, a race around the track, more drama, oh yea–a bunch of sewing, drama again, and even some back-peddling by the judges. It was great! The designers woke up early to a pile of red T-shirts and shorts in their rooms. They […]


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Runway Rundown–Episode 2: my pet project

by Dana on August 9, 2011

Okay, I liked this episode so much better than the first. Mostly because I love the “unconventional challenge”. I still remember one of the first seasons I watched (season 2 or 3?), and the designers had to use materials from a floral shop. Chloe Dao made a gorgeous party dress out of fresh green leaves. […]


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Well, I’m finally here to talk about Project Runway (remember, you can always watch episodes online!) And it’s taken me a week to do this post because–aside from normal busy-ness–I decided that the 1st episode was just so-so. Not trying to be a downer here. It’s sort of hard in the beginning when there are […]

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