oh baby,

by Dana on September 20, 2011

I’ve been keeping a secret.Something’s going down at our house:No I haven’t been eating too many Round Rock Donuts (okay, we did go there last weekend).A little baby is joining our family in the middle of February!I’m 17 weeks along and currently feeling great. Month 2-3 was rough–I took a lot of naps; ate a […]


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to have such an influence…

by Dana on September 14, 2011

I’m still laughing (and shaking my head in awe) at the Missoni for Target incident yesterday. I mean wow. Not that a company wants their site to crash…but to think that people are so excited about a new designer-line of products that they’re clogging the website, lining up hours before a store opens, and yanking […]


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I never buy new furniture (except for our couches).I never spend $180 on a chair just because it’s “cute”.I always have that thrifty angel on my shoulder telling me, “you can totally make that…for way less.“….though sometimes it sounds much easier just to buy it. Last week I walked into Pier 1 for 5 minutes. […]

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first day of school clothes refashion

by Dana on August 23, 2011

Yesterday Lucy started kindergarten. I knew she was going to love it. And she did. She’s the kind of kid that likes structure, likes to follow rules, and wants responsibility. In fact she didn’t even want to eat dinner the night before because she was worried she wouldn’t get into bed on time before her […]

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