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painting progress–no more YELLOW

by Dana on July 8, 2011

Some of you have emailed asking what’s going on with the yellow room??You know, the mountain dew nuclear disaster?I’m so glad you asked!IT’S NO LONGER YELLOW. Thank goodness.I took advice from many of you and went back to soothing white, with a bit of style on one of the walls. A surprise paint color just […]


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I just painted the room, and I hate it.

by Dana on June 2, 2011

At 10pm last night, we painted the office/sewing room.Yellow seemed to go with our house….But when I woke up, it was more like Mountain Dew, glowing yellow.Ugh.I hate it.And I don’t know where to go next.You guys always have excellent advice…like all the curly hair tips. Wow! Thank you! I’ve already tried a few! So […]

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how to make a Backyard Sandbox TUTORIAL

by Dana on May 24, 2011

One Saturday Casey announced, “we’re making a sandbox for the kids!”Um. Okay.We looked online for a simple tutorial but couldn’t find much. So we decided to sort of wing it and here’s what we came up with…A simple Backyard Sandbox with colorful stripes, benches for sitting,holes to trickle sand through, two spots for holding a […]


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Home Improvement: Artwork

by Dana on September 7, 2010

Now that your walls are painted, let’s take them one step further. If you’re a minimalist and prefer the old addage of “less is more” then it’s perfectly fine to leave your wall artwork free. There’s something to be said for “white (or colored) space”. But adding a touch of art here and there definitely […]

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