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by Dana on October 19, 2010

Well, it’s officially raining pumpkin in my inbox. You guys are amazing! I asked for pumpkin and I got pumpkin. Seriously? My thighs are growing with each email I open. I’ll probably have pick my top three and go from there. But who knows, we have a month and a half till Thanksgiving! Yummy. Many […]


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Home Improvement: your style and concept

by Dana on August 16, 2010

Last month I shared Lucy’s room Make-over with you. It was a fun project and tons of work. But seeing the finished product was definitely the big pay-off. My previous blog posts were all about paint. So now, let’s talk about design and decorating! Over the next few weeks I hope to share a series […]

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Flavor of the Day ARTwork and TUTORIAL

by Dana on August 12, 2010

Step right up!What’s your flavor of the day? Your flavor may be ice cream, candy, or a good old fashioned Orange off the peel. Whatever the shape or form, choose your favorites and make a simple piece of artwork for the kitchen, celebrating foods and color.One day, when blog hopping, I stumbled on a pretty […]


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Lucy’s FINISHED room and HUGE Giveaway

by Dana on June 30, 2010

Well, we finished Lucy’s room! And I love it. It was one of those shakes-his-head-and-trusts-the-wife’s concept type of project from Casey’s end, but he was a trooper. He trusted me to do what I wanted with all of those colors. And the two of us worked hard as a team to transform the boring white […]

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