Hair Clips

The Queen of Hearts

by Dana on January 22, 2010

Remember that crochet thread last week? The colorful thread that kept some of you wondering, she crochets??? Well, I felt a bit misleading and I hope I haven’t let your imaginations down. I do in fact crochet but not very often. At our house, crochet thread is used for my favorite “sit-on-the-couch-and-watch-project-runway-while-still-feeling-productive” project…..Hair Clips! Hello […]


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by Dana on November 24, 2009

need stocking stuffers?Let MADE help you out! Head over to the SHOP, cause Santa just dropped off his goods. Hairclips for girls: Ruffled blankets for babes: and matching Burp Cloths to go along: We know you’ve been nice this year.


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green, white, and a little stumped

by Dana on November 6, 2009

Just when life is busy it’s always a good idea to say YES to a few craft fairs? Right? Thankfully I have a small bit of inventory already built up. But this weekend, as I lounge around the cabin at a girl’s weekend getaway, I’ll be making these:and these:…while Lucy and Owen spend quality time […]


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3 cupcakes, for 3 cupcakes

by Dana on April 15, 2009

Hairclips for a customer’s 3 granddaughters:I kind of want to eat them, the cupcakes that is.

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