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fixing my mistake: Metallic Hearts

by Dana on February 6, 2012

After sharing the Doily Heart Shirt the other day I tried out a second version. And absolutely hated it. But I also hate to leave projects in a state of awry and truly believe Tim Gunn when he says make it work.  So I did just that and I still wasn’t sure if I liked […]


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first day of school clothes refashion

by Dana on August 23, 2011

Yesterday Lucy started kindergarten. I knew she was going to love it. And she did. She’s the kind of kid that likes structure, likes to follow rules, and wants responsibility. In fact she didn’t even want to eat dinner the night before because she was worried she wouldn’t get into bed on time before her […]


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Before we went to Calif this summer, I made Lucy another Heirloom Skirt—a Simple Skirt with a vintage twist. I started with some thrifty items. The lace on the right was used on Lucy’s 1st skirt.And the red silky hankie(?) I thought would make a cute pocket, with a bit of lining and prep.Nothing complicated […]


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reversible hooded capes

by Dana on June 21, 2011

About a month ago the kids became uber obsessed with the Tangled movie….listening to the music non-stop, reenacting scenes, Owen taking the role of Flynn Rider, Lucy being Rapunzel and sometimes Mother Gothel–throwing a blanket over her head to act as a cape. Lucy finally got sick of the blanket one day and asked, “Mom, […]

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