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TUTORIAL: how to make a big bow

by Dana on May 19, 2011

Not this kind of big. More floppy ’80s big. In Jr. High school my sisters and I were obsessed with with making fabric hair bows for ourselves and our friends. If I was at my mom’s house right now, I’d scrounge up the photos for you. But I’m sure you have similar shots of ratted […]


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Pom Poms, a very simple tutorial

by Dana on December 21, 2010

I feel sort of silly making a tutorial for these. I’m sure some of you are saying, duh, I’ve been making pom poms since grade school. But who knows, maybe some of you haven’t?! And since I was wrapping gifts with yarn and simple handmade pom-poms, I photoed the quick steps to share.Pom poms can […]


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those Orange shoes…

by Dana on October 27, 2010

Since changing to my Fall header on the blog, many of you have asked about the little ballet flat shoes in the photo.Are they yours?Are they Lucy’s?Where do you find Orange shoes??Well, I wish they were mine but they’re Lucy’s old shoes that I spray-painted Orange! Remember back in the spring when I spray-painted my […]

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Ruffled Hobo

by Dana on April 7, 2010

Lucy has an obsession: The Princess and the FrogShe saw the Disney movie 3 times in theaters, she loves the DVD, she has the songs memorized, she dances around the house in various princess dresses that might resemble the different dresses Tiana wears in the movie. Yesterday her yellow Belle dress became Tiana’s “waitress dress”. […]

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