Gift Wrapping

Pom Poms, a very simple tutorial

by Dana on December 21, 2010

I feel sort of silly making a tutorial for these. I’m sure some of you are saying, duh, I’ve been making pom poms since grade school. But who knows, maybe some of you haven’t?! And since I was wrapping gifts with yarn and simple handmade pom-poms, I photoed the quick steps to share.Pom poms can […]


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Baby Gift Set #1

by Dana on October 26, 2010

Last weekend I went to a baby shower for friend who’s having….a newborn AND a toddler!Our friends were having trouble getting pregnant, so they started the adoption process and were blessed with a 2 year old little girl. Then a few months before they picked her up, my friend found out she was pregnant! Life […]


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my Go-To gift wrapping

by Dana on June 19, 2009

I pretty much wrap all gifts the same way. I never buy wrapping paper (guess I’m too cheap?) but I’m not a “gift bag” person either. So….enter the brown paper bag. It’s a little stiff to bend and wrap but I love the simplicity and it falls in the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle category, right? I’ve […]


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Scrappy Monster #2 – Block Head

by Dana on July 18, 2008

Another baby shower to go to. Another scrappy monster joins the party.Sewing a square was much easier this time (than a circle) with all the rice inside.

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