Freezer Paper Stenciling

fixing my mistake: Metallic Hearts

by Dana on February 6, 2012

After sharing the Doily Heart Shirt the other day I tried out a second version. And absolutely hated it. But I also hate to leave projects in a state of awry and truly believe Tim Gunn when he says make it work.  So I did just that and I still wasn’t sure if I liked […]


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Coney Shirt

by Dana on March 13, 2010

Just a normal afternoon. Hanging out in jeans and a vintage Wrangler shirt (thanks Uncle Eric).And, well, sporting a tribute Tee underneath.A small nod to that tall man we’ve been missing all winter.The Irish goofball who just announced his 2010 Stand-up tour. Yes, you know the man. With his hair so high and his ‘stache […]

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Freezer Paper on Canvas

by Dana on March 26, 2009

My oldest sister lives a few states away. So when her birthday was approaching, I tried thinking of something small I could make and send in the mail. But then we found out she’d be here with her four kids for spring break! So I made her something a little bigger to go in her […]


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Little Sister loves Big Sister

by Dana on March 4, 2009

Tonight I taught the teenage youth girls at our church how to Freezer Paper Stencil on onesies. One of the other leaders in our group is having a baby in April, so this was an impromtu “shower” for her, since we sent her home with the finished onesies. The girls had a great time. As […]

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