Boy’s Clothing

I had a friend once who was always apologizing for her daughter’s strange mismatched outfits and disney character shirts, “I hate it when she wears that hideous princess shirt. It looks horrible! and with those shorts?” Of course all I could think in response (though I never verbalized it) was, she’d never have those dreadful […]

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When I learned to sew, I was taught to sew sleeves separately and then insert them into the armhole on a dress or shirt. This is the method I use most often and the method outlined in the 90 Minute Shirt Tutorial and Beach Robe Pattern.But there’s always more than one way to do things. […]


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reversible hooded capes

by Dana on June 21, 2011

About a month ago the kids became uber obsessed with the Tangled movie….listening to the music non-stop, reenacting scenes, Owen taking the role of Flynn Rider, Lucy being Rapunzel and sometimes Mother Gothel–throwing a blanket over her head to act as a cape. Lucy finally got sick of the blanket one day and asked, “Mom, […]


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A few months ago I participated in the lovely series Once Upon a Thread, over at No Big Dill. Ever since creating Put Me In the Zoo outfits for my kids, I was itching to do it again and couldn’t wait to sew something up! Among some really cool literature-based clothing by other designers, I […]

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