Sewing with Oilcloth–striped tote bag

by Dana on August 18, 2011

Part of re-doing my sewing room (yep, still working on that project) is that I’m discovering fabrics I forgot about. I purchased cute striped oilcloth last summer with the intention to make lunch sacks–with some sort of lining to make it safe for food. But then it never happened. And I thought, gotta do something […]


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TUTORIAL: how to make a big bow

by Dana on May 19, 2011

Not this kind of big. More floppy ’80s big. In Jr. High school my sisters and I were obsessed with with making fabric hair bows for ourselves and our friends. If I was at my mom’s house right now, I’d scrounge up the photos for you. But I’m sure you have similar shots of ratted […]


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I love IKEA.I know you know that.But in case it was unclear, just wanted to say it again. Like Target, it’s one of those places we go to even when we don’t need anything, sort of as an outing. I throw both kids in the (annoying) shopping carts that have swivel wheels on the front […]


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computer case

by Dana on June 17, 2010

I recently became a laptop person and I’m loving the mobility. But right before heading to Minnesota for the Market I realized, I didn’t have anything to carry it in. I checked all the usual suspect stores for cool computer bags and nothing caught me eye.and when you don’t see what you want in the […]

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