October 2012

When Lucy said she wanted to be a princess, I was bummed. Rapunzel, Belle, Ariel?  You can pull those out of the dress-up box any given day. (boring). So we tried to brainstorm other ideas but she kept coming back to the princess. (at what age do they move beyond the Disney obsession?) Then we […]


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Owen is obsessed with Star Wars. Like OB-sessed, which is funny because he’s only 4 and it’s not like Casey is wearing droid costumes to Comic Con (I think). But.  Well. It started when he caught us watching the Family Guy version of Star Wars and must have thought, Oh Darth Vader is a cute […]


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8 months old

by Dana on October 26, 2012

Well. Little Clara is not so little any more. 8 months old! And showing more personality every day. I love when a baby starts to “tease” and be playful.   And since she’s the most ticklish baby I’ve had, we all love making her laugh. She’s still such a pleasant baby….wiggly and all over the place […]


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TUTORIAL: Little Rock Ghost Town

by Dana on October 24, 2012

For a year now I’ve wanted to create a handmade Christmas village for my kids. My mom has a store-bought version at their house and Lucy and Owen adore playing with it.  And making one from recycled items seemed like the way to go.  The problem I kept running into was was how to create […]

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