April 2012

On Saturday night our friends invited us over for a bbq at their ranch.  I forget sometimes that we live in the same city, since we’re in the cookie cutter suburbs.  But their 5 arces of farmland is every kid’s dream– goats, chickens, horses, a huge treehouse, trampoline, land to explore, and plenty of pigs […]


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the reason I haven’t been sewing…

by Dana on April 27, 2012

is that I’ve been busy sewing. What I mean to say is…. the reason I haven’t been sharing many sewing projects on the blog is that I’m currently working on book #2.  Yay!  And, yay.  While the first book, Fabrics A to Z, is a wonderful resource guide this book is all project-based.  I’m totally […]


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10 minute project

by Dana on April 26, 2012

I guess I was getting bored of the plain dyed onesies. So 10 minutes before heading to the park yesterday, I did this: I know what you’re probably thinking….can this girl do anything besides dyed onesies and freezer paper stenciling?  I promise I can.  But truly, my babies live in comfortable clothing and simple styles […]


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A couple years ago the kids came home from pre-school with these cool little maracas….made from plastic easter eggs. Genius. So with left-over easter eggs on-hand and Cinco De Mayo coming up, the stars were aligned and we had to get shaking.Here’s what you need: (Note: you can substitute popcorn for rice, beans, or lentils […]

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