February 2012

ruffled seersucker skirt

by Dana on February 28, 2012

On a whim last week I made a birthday skirt for Lucy. Life’s always more fun with a new bouncy skirt….and a cupcake skirt…and cupcakes to eat at school. This was actually my first time making a tiered/ruffled skirt this way. I’ve made the Can-can skirt, layered Simple Skirts, the market skirt, Circle skirts, Heirloom […]


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red carpet artists

by Dana on February 27, 2012

Did you watch the Oscars last night? I thought it was short, sweet, nice to have Billy Crystal back, Cirque du Soleil was amazing, and I loved the interviews clips with actors. Overall a good show.(all photos via imdb and Getty images) And of course lots of pretty looks. I think everyone agreed that Octavia […]


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six years of jumping

by Dana on February 23, 2012

Yesterday our Lucy turned SIX. I know the past two weeks have gone by quickly….but the past six years? Wow. She went from being a newborn-Clara-look-alike (or vice versa?) to reading, writing, and jumping rope at school. She’s super patient with her brother. She wholeheartedly loves life. And she is a complete ball of energy–rarely […]


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first real clothes

by Dana on February 22, 2012

Hello! We’re here! Thank you for the sweet comments about Clara. They’re so much fun to read. And thanks for the advice to enjoy our little baby and not worry about blogging. As you can tell, I’ve been trying to do that. But I think I’ll break radio silence more often since I’m feeling fairly […]

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