December 2011

not a creature was stirring

by Dana on December 24, 2011

I love photos of sleeping kids.Especially when they’ve spent the day bouncing off the walls, discussing what Santa might bring and if he remembers the way to their house.Being a kid is busy.But the batteries eventually run out and I get to see that sweet baby face again. The same peaceful look I remember from […]

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Day 23: Chocolate Dipped Orange Logs

by Dana on December 23, 2011

Just two more days till Christmas.Wow. Is it really here? Still need to bake some rolls, get the ham out of the freezer, wrap a few gifts, and maybe watch a Christmas movie or two. If you still having baking energy left I’ve got a few more days of recipes. You can always tuck them […]


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Day 22: His and Her’s Candy Crunch Yams

by Dana on December 22, 2011

There are so many ways to make sweet potatoes, yams, whatever you choose to call them (yes there’s an official difference between the two but all we really care about is the yummy mix-ins, right?)For Christmas dinner my inlaws bake fresh sliced yams and layer them with spiced apples. At Thanksgiving my aunt likes to […]


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TUTORIAL: candy canes for everyone garland

by Dana on December 21, 2011

My mom always has candy canes on her tree which is so convenient when you need a treat. Just pick one off. Christmas fruit? YES. I wanted to do the same….candy canes for anyone who stops by the house or needs some holiday cheer. They looked cute in my spray painted owl. But I was […]

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