October 2011

Today I’m driving to Houston for the International Quilt Market. I missed the spring market in SLC so I’m excited to drown myself in fabric and bloggy friends again. I get to hang out with this lady and this one, watch women hoarding stacks of fabric, roam the Market floor, and spend 24 hours in […]


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DIY reversible puzzle craft

by Dana on October 27, 2011

I should have declared October as “Celebrate Halloween” here on the blog. Because the amount of crafting has been a little overboard. But really, this is the last Halloween idea I’m sharing for the year.And I can’t take credit for the idea. I saw it here on a site I love: Saltwater Kids. But I’ll […]


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Halloween Costumes 2011: Austin Bats

by Dana on October 26, 2011

Last night as the sun went down….bats were spotted in downtown Austin, hanging out under the Congress bridge. Whether looking for food, flowers, or just plain having fun….One thing is certain. They’re the cutest little bats I’ve ever seen. and they take their job pretty seriously. They wait patiently all day, for just the right […]


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so, I wrote a book

by Dana on October 25, 2011

(I’ve always wanted to say that)and it’s finally ready to come out! I’ve been excitedly waiting to share this with you guys because writing a book is like having a baby, only the gestation period is twice as long. But this baby’s coming! It’ll be in the UK mid-December, and in the US/Canada in April. […]

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