September 2011

baby stuff

by Dana on September 30, 2011

I’m officially half-way through pregnancy and I’ve got baby on the mind (if you missed the big announcement it’s here).So I bought a few items for our little girl-to-be.Of course there are plenty of girl clothes in Lucy’s old boxes. But how can I say no to really cheap clearance items at Old Navy? A […]


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RECIPE: Mini Homemade Milkshakes

by Dana on September 29, 2011

I wish I could say this was a pregnancy craving.But it’s more like a late-night snack any time of the year.Mini milkshakes!…(without the blender mess)My very first job when I was (yikes 13. Is that even legal?) was at Haagen Daz ice cream shop in South Coast Plaza. Oddly enough my next job was at […]


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TUTORIAL: Oilcloth Clutch

by Dana on September 28, 2011

This post could also be called the 15 minute bag or…the pantie pouch?A clutch sounded more classy.You see, I got the idea from Lucy’s panties, which sounds kind of weird.But our new kindergarten is having way too much fun at school. She absolutely loves it. And she’s having such a great time that two times […]


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I think every kid learns in grade school, there’s no such thing as a dumb question.(Well, sometimes there probably is). But my mom always took it a step further and reminded us that if we had a question to ask…chances are that someone else in the room had the very same question. It’s totally true. […]

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