August 2011

Runway Rundown–wow. what an episode.

by Dana on August 31, 2011

Now that’s what I call good TV. This week’s Project Runway had drama, drama, a race around the track, more drama, oh yea–a bunch of sewing, drama again, and even some back-peddling by the judges. It was great! The designers woke up early to a pile of red T-shirts and shorts in their rooms. They […]


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back to school clothes TUTORIALS

by Dana on August 30, 2011

With Owen back in preschool this week, I feel back in the swing things. Which means more sewing time! And “Back to School Clothes” ideas are piling up in my head–probably because I’m dreaming of cooler weather and Fall time. Hey, maybe if I sew enough it’ll summon the rain clouds? Better get busy. If […]

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TUTORIAL–gray, white, yellow, and Owen

by Dana on August 29, 2011

These are some of my favorite pants to make.They have a secret surprise….Knee Pads!You’ve seen these before when Owen was a babe. But the tutorial was one of my first blogging endeavors, 3 years ago. So I gave it a facelift–with updated photos, more concise info, and “grown-up” Owen looks.I’ve also included some tips for […]


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my day alone in San Francisco

by Dana on August 26, 2011

The day after we landed in Southern California for our summer trip, Casey and I jumped back on the plane (sans kids) and headed to San Francisco, for one day. He went for business; I went for fun. Warning: Tons of photos. But it’s a city to be savored. Whenever I can, I tag along […]

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