April 2011

6 series

by Dana on April 30, 2011

Sounds like I’m announcing a new BMW purchase.I wish!I’m still rolling in my Honda Accord but wanted to share 6 different sewing series happening in May…. FREE PATTERN MONTH on Grosgrain.Every day of the month a new guest shares a free sewing pattern. Score! I’m in love with those Knot Shorts (below) by Elsie Marley. […]


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"we’re having salad"

by Dana on April 29, 2011

I’m sure salad doesn’t sound appealing at 9 o’clock in the morning.But whenever I’ve been on a bad-eating kick (like eating out for a week straight with my family in town and then porking out on Oreos and Doritos for 3 days at the beach) well, my body starts to crave what it needs. And […]


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Before we moved to Texas almost two years ago (has it been that long? wow), well, I made an impromptu stop at a garage sale and stumbled on a vintage table and set of 4 chairs. I had been looking for a dining table for the new Texas house (since we’d finally have room for […]


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3 days at the beach

by Dana on April 26, 2011

We just got back from our trip to the beach!And aside from a few little hiccups (windy weather, me and Casey catching a nasty virus and not being able to talk, a strange power outage in the neighborhood one night) well, other than that… everything was breezy and fun in Port Aransas.I don’t intend for […]

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