January 2011

The other week we talked about Buttonholes. Today we’ll focus on: Bias Tape. What is it? What is it used for? What the heck does “bias” mean? And how can you make your own?Let’s talk about it!Have you walked by the zippers and threads in your fabric shop and wondered what all those cute packages […]


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smile and wave

by Dana on January 27, 2011

Hi there! Hope your Thursday is going well. After an earlier week of sick kiddos, everyone is finally healthy and happy. We’ve had a productive day of Speech Therapy (Lucy), a trip to Goodwill (successful finds), a swing by Target (kids played on the toy aisle), we stopped by dad’s office (Lucy and Casey put […]


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Potato Broccoli Soup….with bacon on top

by Dana on January 26, 2011

After longing for summer in yesterday’s post, I thought I should come to terms with winter; embrace it. Or….I just wanted an excuse to make warm soup. So I did.It’s hard to get my husband interested in dinners labeled “soup” or “salad” but whenever there’s bacon involved….his taste-buds perk up. And what makes this recipe […]


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2 tiered skirt

by Dana on January 25, 2011

Where some of you are, the temperature is in the teens and snow has engulfed the grass. It’s pretty cold here in Texas too (it you allow me to call 45ยบ, cold). I’m not a good winter person and mostly I’m sick of the gloomy cloud cover. January and February are hard months that way. […]

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