October 2010

Runway Rundown: THE FINALE!

by Dana on October 31, 2010

Okay, I’m back from a Quilt Market whirlwind weekend. So…let’s talk PROJECT RUNWAY FINALE! UM….wow.I was shocked, and disappointed.I really can’t believe that…..GRETCHEN WON???Wow.Okay, I liked a few items from her collection (and that sparkly silver shirt she was wearing) but I equally hated 3/4 of her stuff. While, Mondo….Oh, I loved it all! I […]


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to market, to market to buy a fat….quarter?

by Dana on October 29, 2010

or a big ‘ole stack of them at least!That’s right! Today my friend Tami and I are making the short 3 hour drive to Houston for the Fall International Quilt Market. I loved getting acquainted with Minnesota at the spring Quilt Market, but my weak bones are glad they’re holding it somewhere warm this time […]


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Costume Wonderland

by Dana on October 28, 2010

And now, my dear, something seems to be troubling you. Uh, won’t you tell us all about it? Well, it all started while I was sitting on the riverbank with Dinah.…. Clean cup! Clean cup! Move down, move down, move down!But I still haven’t used….Move down, move down, move down, move down… And now my […]


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those Orange shoes…

by Dana on October 27, 2010

Since changing to my Fall header on the blog, many of you have asked about the little ballet flat shoes in the photo.Are they yours?Are they Lucy’s?Where do you find Orange shoes??Well, I wish they were mine but they’re Lucy’s old shoes that I spray-painted Orange! Remember back in the spring when I spray-painted my […]

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