September 2010

Runway Rundown: Episode 10

by Dana on September 30, 2010

Well, another title for this episode could have been “the Tear Jerker”. Holy moly. Some touching PR moments….* I loved watching the designers point out the good in each other and finally say some nice things about Michael C.* Mondo faced his fears and shared with everyone that he was HIV positive (and also designed […]


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I’m so happy to have one of my favorite people Celebrating Yellow with us today. She’s joined us for Celebrate the Boy and Celebrating Mom, so it really wouldn’t be a party without her. I’m sure many of you love hanging out in the mommyhood too. But in case you haven’t sat down on the […]


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Questions Answered

by Dana on September 29, 2010

Instead of responding in the comments, I thought I’d answer a few of your questions here. Sorry I’ve left these tidbits out of my posts. I’ll be adding them in! QUESTIONS:* Where do you buy WIDE elastic? Most fabrics shops carry 2-inch and 3-inch wide Polyester Elastic (well Joann does, not Hobby Lobby). You can […]

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Dyeing Elastic TUTORIAL = Circle Skirt for ME!

by Dana on September 29, 2010

Well with circle skirts on my mind, I had to make one for myself. And guess what, it was just as easy as making Lucy’s! (except that it did take forever to iron around the hem. That’s a big ole circle of fabric). Here are some tips for making an Adult version: * I followed […]

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