June 2010

Lucy’s FINISHED room and HUGE Giveaway

by Dana on June 30, 2010

Well, we finished Lucy’s room! And I love it. It was one of those shakes-his-head-and-trusts-the-wife’s concept type of project from Casey’s end, but he was a trooper. He trusted me to do what I wanted with all of those colors. And the two of us worked hard as a team to transform the boring white […]


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Colorful Clothesline

by Dana on June 29, 2010

Hanging clothes on a clothesline just makes them feel…..cute. I see you guys doing this in your photos so maybe you feel the same. Perhaps it reminds us of a older time when clothing hung out in the sun to dry? Maybe it feels a bit vintage? Maybe the clothes just look more colorful? Whether […]


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Thrifty Thursday

by Dana on June 24, 2010

After my last post about Thrifty Finds, some of you asked if it was a new blog feature. Interesting idea! I can’t guarantee how consistent I’ll be. But I will try to post things her and there because it’s so much fun see the treasures we find.and since last round seemed a bit blue themed…..I […]


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We started painting!

by Dana on June 23, 2010

So come see what we’re doing! And you just might win A $100 Gift Card to Lowes!This is the 3rd segment of the 4-part Valspar Paints giveaway. Next week is the final reveal and a HUGE giveaway prize.Click HERE to see our painting progress and enter the GIVEAWAY.

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