January 2009

Doll Frock

by Dana on January 31, 2009

Another winter dress for my sweet girl. It seems a little silly to have 3 versions of the Village Frock. But since I gave the short-sleeved suburban version to a friend at her “second-hand baby shower” (a fabulously fun idea), I felt justified to break out the pattern again.Inspired by pink picket fence‘s frock variation….I […]

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Chocolate Ruffles

by Dana on January 26, 2009

A little onesie for my friend’s baby shower next week. (I probably shouldn’t post before gifting but I don’t think she checks this blog, so here it is.)I took a thrifted onesie (that had ugly puppy dogs on front) and appliqued the little doll, which comes from a new favorite fabric purchase (watch for more […]


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Aqua Velvet

by Dana on January 25, 2009

It seems my little goose has grown 3 inches in the past few months. Most of her church dresses are too short. So I started a couple new winter dresses for her, only to have a heat wave hit Southern California. I’m not complaining! But it did put my creations on hold for a bit […]


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Christmas: Paper Dolls and Argyle

by Dana on January 6, 2009

The Saturday before Christmas I groaned, thinking….”I really must make Goose a Christmas dress for church”. Somehow it had fallen to the bottom of my “to make” list. While heading to the closet to pull out the refashioning stash, I procrastinated 5 more minutes and decided to open the mail first. There on my front […]

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