Skirt with a Lining + Happy Home

by Dana on July 24, 2015

Thank you for your response to the new pattern!—the Anywhere Skirt.
Here’s another version to really sink your….heart into.  Heh, heh.

the Anywhere Skirt Pattern
Happy Home Fabric

Cause there are plenty of hearts to go around!
Isn’t this fabric adorable??
It’s from the new Happy Home collection, by Sew Caroline, for Art Gallery Fabrics.   And when Caroline asked if I’d like to try some out….I think my heart jumped out of my chest.
Or maybe it skipped a beat?
I mean seriously, I heart hearts!

BUT what I didn’t realize—-which made me love the fabric even more—-is that it’s a border print! The hearts are sparse near one selvage edge; then they grow in color and size near the other edge.
Heart. Attack.
It’s perfect for the Anywhere Skirt, don’t you think?

the Anywhere Skirt Pattern by MADE
the Anywhere Skirt Pattern PDF

The Anywhere Skirt Pattern – $9
Add to Cart

There are so many other cute prints in this collection, along with some knits (yay!).
You’ve gotta click over to see other Happy Home projects from blogging friends.
Happy Home Blog Hop
the Anywhere Skirt waistband

Now I’ve never made a skirt in white fabric.

Not that I’ll be concerned about wearing white after Labor Day…or something like that?  I will totally be wearing this in January.  With coral pink tights.  YES.

But as a lower garment I knew the fabric would need a simple lining, just to give me extra coverage. And since some of you had asked about adding a lining, I thought I’d share that with you!

the Anywhere Skirt Pattern by MADE

…along with the inside of my skirt.
Who shows the inside of their garments?  It’s almost intimate.
Eh.  We’re friends.
I guess what I really love about this skirt—regardless of whether you add a lining—is how finished and polished the seams look.  The only “raw” edge is the side seam, which you can easily finish off, as outlined in the pattern.

the Anywhere Skirt Pattern with a Lining

Okay, for this skirt I’m going to keep it REAL simple.
In fact, this is more of a faux-lining.
You can do a more sophisticated lining, with separate hemlines, similar to the First Day Dress.  But with the front plackets and pockets of this skirt, it becomes a bit more complicated.   So these easiest method is:
• Cut Outer fabric pieces +  Lining fabric pieces, the same dimensions.
• Then sew your skirt as if the two layers are one fabric.

You can baste the Outer and Lining pieces together….or just start sewing your skirt with the two fabrics together.  Just depends how antsy you are to get going.

How to Sew a BASIC Lining into a skirt
And there you go!
I know, I know, the simplicity is tearing up your heart.

the Anywhere Skirt pdf Pattern by MADE

The Anywhere Skirt Pattern – $9
Add to Cart

Okay.  Peace out my skirt friends.
Have a great weekend!
And thank you Caroline for the Happy fabric!

I HEART the Anywhere Skirt Pattern


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It’s so exciting to flip through a new sewing book.
And it’s even more exciting when it’s by someone you’ve watched and grown with, as a blogger and friend over the years.

Handmade Style book by blogger Anna Graham

I was lucky to meet Anna of Noodlehead at Quilt Market about 5 years ago….back when neither of us really knew anything.
Maybe a better way to put it is that we were still figuring out how this business of making, sewing, sharing, and designing all worked.
And now here she is with her own book AND a new line of fabric!

handmade style book

The book is called Handmade Style: 23 Must-Have Basics to Stitch, Use, and Wear

And it’s filled with so many beautiful things.
There are classic Anna projects.
And by classic, I mean, beautiful bags, pouches, zippy things….the kind of stuff she’s the master at, and is so good at explaining.

cosmetic bag from handmade style book

Can’t you imagine either of these in a trendy boutique shop??
Well, you can make them!

handmade wallet from Handmade Style book
cool tote from Handmade Style book

The book has an interesting layout, which as a blogger, I really love.
When I put a blog post together, I often think about how each picture will look as a cohesive whole—what order they will go in, how they all fit together as a “book”, rather than individual photos.

And that’s the feel you get here.  The first 1/3 of the book is a Look Book, with all the photos in one place.  There are pages and pages of gorgeous projects that flow together beautifully.

two bag projects from Handmade Style book
Then after you oooo and aaaaaaahhh (and have a list of 23 things you want to make),  comes the Instruction Section with illustrations.  And after that are pattern pieces—which are in REAL SIZE format!

That deserves a book purchase right there!
No photocopying or fiddling around to increase the pattern size, etc.
quilt projects from Handmade Style book
instruction pages in Handmade Style book
pattern pieces for Handmade Style book

The book has projects for Quilting.

How fantastic is this photo??
I want to live in whatever that stripey white barn thing is….and probably wrap myself in that blanket all winter long.

amazing quilt and barn from Handmade Style book
qulit ideas in Handmade Style book

There’s a whole section on apparel.
Did you know you can make flip flops?  What??

DIY Flip Flops from Handmade Style book

There are also other small projects, and items for the home.
And I just love seeing Anna in some of the pics.
You are a gorgeous lady my friend!

womans tunic top from Handmade Style Book
Okay.  Ready to flip through your own copy?

Anna has sent me TWO copies of Handmade Style for TWO lucky readers.
I hope it’s you!

• Leave a comment, that’s it.
• Only one entry per person.
• Open to US + CANADIAN residents only.
• TWO winners will be picked via
• Giveaway ends Wednesday 7/22/15 at 10pm Central time.

Thank you Anna!

Handmade Style book by Anna Graham


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We all need a skirt that works for any occasion.
And this skirt can go anywhere!—to the party, to school, to work, to the beach.
the Anywhere Skirt Pattern
Anywhere Skirt Pattern with a Sash
the Anywhere Skirt for women and teens
the Anywhere Skirt pattern by MADE
It’s dainty, but flirty.
It has pockets. YES.
And though it’s a gathered skirt,it’s quite flattering on all body types.

the Anywhere Skirt for teens and women
the Anywhere Skirt Pattern - kids version
The Anywhere Skirt Pattern – $9
Add to Cart

the Anywhere Skirt sewing Pattern
For a while you guys have been asking for patterns for women and teenagers.
This skirt pattern works for both!….and for little girls as well.  But I really love how tailored and fun it looks on the older group.

The Anywhere Skirt is a custom-fitted skirt for ALL ages and ALL sizes.
It comes with a high or low waist and there are minimal gathers at the hips…so it lays beautifully on your body.  And it’s made to fit your body dimensions perfectly!
the Anywhere Skirt Pattern - partially gathered waist
the Anywhere Skirt for teenagers and women
Of course you can also make the skirt FULL–with gathers all the way around.  Cause that’s adorable too.  This black + white gingham version is perfect as an extra-full, extra-short beach skirt.  You’ll find that the beauty of this pattern is that there are so many ways to mix it up, for any body size, for any occasion, and for any season.
the Anywhere Skirt Pattern with a Sash
the Anywhere Skirt Pattern for Teens
• There are button closures in the front of the skirt (or you can wear the buttons around to the back).  If you’ve never sewn buttonholes, no worries!  We’ll walk through everything together.

• The skirt has an optional sash, which ties around the front or back.

• There’s only ONE page of pattern pieces you need to print! Yay!  No piecing pages together.

• And with a separate waistband, the door is wide open for all sorts of creativity:
Gold pleather?  Satin?  Lace?  Color-blocked?
Options, options, options.
the Anywhere Skirt Pattern with waistband options
the Anywhere Skirt Pattern with gold waistband
the Anywhere Skirt Pattern for anyone
Here are the details…

This is a 25-page PDF document, with detailed information and pattern pieces for sewing the Anywhere Skirt, for any size or any age. Instructions are easy to follow, with beautiful photos and illustrations, and a conversational tone that helps you feel like I’m right there next to you, joining in the sewing fun!
I’ve also included a simplified Cheat Sheet of Instructions + Measurement Chart, which you can print for easy reference on future sewing projects.

Advanced Beginner – Intermediate
Because this pattern requires a bit of math/calculations, and the ability to sew buttonholes, I’ve labeled it Advanced Beginner.  Of course I encourage anyone to push themselves and take on a challenge. So if you’re a true beginner, don’t be scared off…because you know I like to share ALL the details with you in my patterns. Just be prepared for the process to take a little longer than a beginner project.  So if you’re up for the challenge, give it a shot!  Or grab a sewing friend to coach you along the way. Sewing is always an adventure!

The Anywhere Skirt comes in multiple styles and lengths.
Each style has a fitted waistband, front plackets with button closures, and pockets!

Styles shown in this pattern:
• Partially Gathered Skirt
• Full Skirt
• Skirt with a Sash
• Various Lengths: Mini Skirt • Midi Skirt • Maxi Skirt • Knee-length

This pattern is for ANY age and ANY size.
It’s all based on your exact waist measurement, with ratios and a few calculations.
So what you end up with, is a skirt that fits YOU perfectly.

For each Skirt you need:
• 1 1/2 to 3 yards of fabric
• 5-10 buttons
• 1/2 yard of interfacing

The exact amount of fabric needed is dependent on your waist size and the style/length you choose.  It’s sort of a choose-your-adventure pattern.  Exciting, right?  It’s safe to say that for a woman’s or teen size skirt you will need 2-3 yards of fabric.

There are so many gorgeous fabrics that work on this skirt–and the best types are wovens.
My recommendations are:
Linen, Cottons (quilting weight, light-weight, medium-weight), Silk + Rayon.

the Anywhere Skirt Pattern for kids and teens and adults

DOWNLOADING the pattern
After purchase, you are sent a link for downloading the pattern to your computer.  This is sent to the email address attached with your paypal account.  It’s best to open the pattern link and download it on a computer or laptop (rather than mobile device).

When you open the file:
• First do a “save as” or “export” the file directly to your computer, so you always have a copy.
• Then open the file from that saved copy and print the appropriate pages indicated.
• You can then send that file to your phone or tablet.
• The file size is 1 MB

The most exciting part of this pattern is that there’s only ONE page of pattern pieces to print!
Hooray!  No piecing pages together!

• Pages print to standard 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper (for printing outside of the US see below)
• Included is a shortened Cheat Sheet of Instructions + Measurement Chart for easy reference, each time you make a skirt.
the Anywhere Skirt printing pages
Printing outside of the US
The pattern was created for standard US printers but should work for other countries as well. There’s a measuring box on the pattern page, so you can see if you’ve printed to the proper print size. The pattern images do NOT print to edge of the paper…so I recommend printing to your standard size paper, checking the box, and make adjustments as needed.

the Anywhere Skirt Pattern with color blocking

And that’s about it!
Ready to Sew??

The Anywhere Skirt – $9
Add to Cart

• Instant payment is through Paypal
• E-check payment through Paypal will delay your pattern download a few days.
• MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE PROPER EMAIL ADDRESS ATTACHED TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT. This email address is where the info about your purchase and download instructions will be sent.
• You will receive a few emails confirming your payment and providing info about downloading the pdf pattern to your computer.
the Anywhere Skirt Pattern for any age and any size

When you’ve finished sewing, share your photos with us!
• Instagram them with the tag #anywhereskirtmade and tag me as well @danamadeit
• Share them in the You Made it Flickr group.
the Anywhere Skirt Pattern by MADE for all ages and sizes


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It only seemed appropriate to turn one of our most used tutorials into a video.
So in honor of the 4th of July, the MADE Everyday set pulled out the red, blue, and sparkles.
And I guess, a bit of elephants.
how to sew a diaper cover--two ways
Today I’m gonna show you in-person how to make Diaper and Nappy covers for your babies and toddlers!  Because seeing things in-motion often makes the process easier (of course you can always read the step-by-step info here).

And seriously.  This elephant fabric??  It was a cloth napkin at Pier 1, and I had to buy it.
how to sew a diaper cover
That’s the thing I love about making Diaper Covers….you only need a little bit of fabric!
how to sew a diaper cover--video
If you’re ready to make a diaper cover, download the free pattern HERE.
And press play below!

MADE EVERYDAY with Dana is a fresh new sewing show, where we create everyday items you will love and use.
To watch other episodes:
• Click the VIDEO tab at the top or….
• Subscribe to my Youtube channel so you’re updated as soon as the episode goes live.

Read more about my sewing machine HERE. I have a Lyric, by Baby Lock Sewing.

baby lock
how to sew diaper covers

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