Happy Thanksgiving from our pilgrims to yours

by Dana on November 26, 2015

Thanks for stopping by all these years! You guys make it all worth it.
Have a yummy day!

Pretend Pilgrim costumes on MADE

(Pretend Pilgrim costumes here)

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Tomorrow’s the big day!
Turkey and stuffing and rolls, oh my.

Perfect Sweet Potatoes on MADE
Never Fail Pie Crust Recipe

And if you’re last minute planning (I may or may not have gone to the store twice this morning….and found a good parking spot both times. Thanksgiving miracle)….well, here are two recipe favorites from the Willard house.


Candy Crunch Yams recipe on MADE
Never Fail Pie Crust Recipe on MADE

Give them a whirl!
They never disappoint.
Happy Thanksgiving friends!
(check our more Recipes HERE)

Perfect Pie Crust every time on MADE


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RECIPE: 3 Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins

by Dana on November 20, 2015

I know it sounds impossible.
I was skeptical too.

3 Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins

My friend brought these to a church function and—as I do with most things pumpkin—I freaked out.   What. Are in. These muffins??
She laughed and told me the recipe is super easy.  There are only 3 ingredients!
Maybe you already know this too?
It’s probably one of those things that’s been floating around Pinterest for years, and I’m totally late to this pumpkin game.

Eight delicious Pumpkin recipes on MADE

But here it is!  Now you can impress all of your friends too.

3 Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins on MADE

And if you end up eating 1/2 of the batter straight from the bowl, I won’t judge.


Makes about 12-16 muffins

1 small can of pumpkin , 15 oz
1 bag of mini cinnamon chips, 10 oz (such as Hershey’s)
1 yellow cake mix, from a box

• Mix the canned pumpkin and cake mix in a bowl.  The batter will be thick, so mix slowly to avoid cake mix powder in your face.

• Mix in the cinnamon chips.

• Spoon the batter into cupcake holders (a Cookie Scoopor ice cream scoop works great since the batter is thick)

• Bake at 350 for 20-22 minutes.

• Cool on a baking rack and enjoy!

Simple 3 Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins on MADE

VARIATIONS on the recipe:
I’ve tried making these a few different ways, and to be honest I keep going back to the three main ingredients because they taste the best, and the size of the mini chips works really well.

But here are some things you can try:
• Use half cinnamon chips, half chocolate chips.
• Spice Cake mix with white chocolate chips.
• Spice Cake mix with semi-sweet chocolate chips.
• Substitute something else for the pumpkin??  I’m still playing with this idea.  Would it work with 15 oz (about 2 cups) of mashed up bananas??  I’ll have to try it out….

Happy one week till Thanksgiving!

And if you’re a pumpkin lover like me, check out our other recipes:


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TUTORIAL + FREE Pattern + polka dots + babies

by Dana on November 2, 2015

I love sewing for babies.
And I love sewing baby gifts.
They’re just so easy and only take bits of fabric.
How to make Baby Bibs with a FREE PATTERN on MADE
My favorite way to give a gift is the semi-homemade approach, mixing handmade with store-bought products.  Best of both worlds.

So when JOHNSON’S® asked me to partner with them and their newly designed bottles, it was a polka dot match-made-in-heaven.
These bottles!  Too cute, right??
JOHNSONs new bottle designs sold at TARGET
Ahhh. I love this stuff.  And I love it even better with chevrons and dots—cause I’m a total sucker for cute packaging (seriously, check out the whole line of colors…coral, blue, yellow)  And the stuff inside is just as great.  All my kid have used it.

Hey, I even use it!—I have a travel-size bottle of JOHNSON’S® baby lotion I take on trips because it’s one of the few lotions that doesn’t feel sticky on my hands…and I just love that fresh baby smell.

So I was asked to create a DIY project inspired by the new bottle designs of JOHNSON’S® baby lotion and JOHNSON’S® baby moisture wash, sold exclusively at Target stores and Target.com.

So I did what any of you would do.
I went to Target.
And bought every bright-colored towel I could find!
I knew exactly what I wanted to share:
How to make Baby Bibs with a FREE PATTERN on MADE

They’re so easy to make!  And they can double as a burp cloth, drool wipe, whatever you need.
I’ll show you two cute version using terry cloth towels.
Then package it all up with JOHNSON’S® baby moisture wash + JOHNSON’S® baby lotion….and it’s the gift that keeps giving, from snack time to bed time. 
Because kids get messy.  And kids get clean.  And the cycle never ends.

And your friends will be all like, whaaaat?
You made this for me??

Yes!   That’s what friends + polka dots are for.

Okay, let’s get started….
I’ve shared the Placemat Bib Pattern before, which I still love.  But this pattern is great because it fits any size head with a velcro closure in the back.

First, print the FREE PATTERN HERE.
There are two pages.

• Print at 100%. Do not “scale to fit”. Check the 1 inch or 1 cm box to make sure you’ve printed to the proper size and adjust your printer if needed.

• Cut along the top pattern piece on page two and match it up with the bottom pattern piece on page one (at the black triangle).  Tape the pages together.

• Cut out the appropriate “size”.

Now this pattern is sort of a one-size fits all.
So the two different “sizes” refer to a Single-layer bib and Double-layer bib.

• The Single layer is finished off at the edges with bias tape.
• The Double-layer is sewn together around the edges and turned right-side out (with a 3/8 inch seam allowance).

So grab your pattern and a fun towel and I’ll show you both methods.


I can’t decide which bib is easier to make–the single layer or double layer—it’s a toss up.
Of course the real fun of this pattern is the fabric, or the towel you choose.  You can use many types of fabric for these bibs: standard cotton, knits, laminated cotton, diaper rags, terry cloth (towels).  Or you can mix it up with a towel on the back and a cotton on the front.  Many options.

When making a double-layer, choose towels that are not overly bulky or it will be hard to topstitch around the seams.  I found all these towels in the bath section of Target.  You can also use beach towels!

And just a note on terry cloth—it’s messy.  There’s no way around it. There will be little bits of towel on your clothes, table, and floor.  But it’s a quick vacuum clean-up when you’re done—so let your OCD simmer as much as you can till the end.

Refer to the photo below.

• Cut out a front and back for the bib.  Fold the towel in half, place the pattern “on the fold” and cut out your first layer.  Then lay the first piece on your other towel and cut out the second layer.

• With right sides of the fabrics together, pin the two layers together, leaving an opening on one side, big enough for your hand to get in and out (see black dotted line)

• Stitch around the bib with a 3/8 inch seam allowance, leaving an opening (just use a standard straight stitch).

• Trim some of the bulk from your seam (but do NOT trim the area with the opening, or it will be hard to turn under)

• Turn the whole thing right-side out, and really use your hand inside to press all the seams out.

• Pin the opening closed.

• Sew the opening closed with a 1/8 inch seam allowance and continue topstitching around the entire bib.

• Now cut two small pieces of Velcro to create a closure in the back.  I like to round off the edges and trim each piece into an oval shape.

• Sew one velcro piece to the back neck area, and sew the other velcro piece to the opposite side, on the OTHER layer of the bib (in other words: sew one piece to the front layer, one to the back layer)

And you’re done!
One soft, cozy, absorbent, reversible bib!


Some towels look awesome on both sides—like these polka dot ones.  So a single layer is another great option.  PLUS we get to use Bias Tape, which I love!  (read all about it and watch my video here).

You can use store-bought double-fold bias tape, or make your own.  1/2 inch-wide bias tape will be easiest to work with, but I really like the look of 1/4 inch-wide tape as well.

• Using the “single-layer” pattern piece, cut out one bib piece on the fold.

• Grab double-fold bias tape and sandwich it around the raw edge of the towel.  No need to pin anything in place…

• Sew the bias tape in place, using a thread color that matches your bias tape.  Use your hand to continue sandwiching the bias tape and sewing portions at a time.

• When you get to the curves, go slow and just do your best.  It helps to lift your presser foot periodically (leaving the needle down), to readjust and to get the bias tape snug around the fabric edge.

• When you get to the end, fold the edge of the bias tape under and lay the end right over the start point and sew it in place.

This method of sewing bias tape is sort of the quick-and-easy way.  For a more proper method, check out this video and this tutorial.

Now sew the velcro pieces to the back and you’re done!

One single layer, reversible bib.

And with all those leftover towels….you can easily make 4 more, right?
Cause we know every mom can use them.

Now kick up your feet and relax, cause your baby shower gift is done!

And when things start getting messy….

Mama knows the beloved baby bath is just one step away.

Mmmm.  I can smell it now.

Thank you JOHNSON’S® + Target for sponsoring this post.  You can purchase the newly designed bottles of JOHNSON’S® baby moisture wash + JOHNSON’S® baby lotion exclusively at Target and Target.com.


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